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TiN - Titanium Nitride
TiN – coating is the most common PVD coating in use today. It is excellent for wear resistance. It reduces friction and resists corrosion. This is a good general-purpose, high performance coating. The coating is approximately 3 microns thick and is gold in color. Learn More


TiCN - Titanium-Carbo Nitride.
TiCN – coating was designed for machining hard materials. TiCN is recommended for heavy-duty operations, high shock applications and heavily interrupted cuts. Forming and trimming applications will perform well with TiCN. The coating is approximately 3 microns thick and is steel blue in color. Learn More


CrN/CrCN – Chromim Nitride Carbo Nitride
CrN is used in forming; die casting molds and friction applications. It is excellent for machining titanium and non-ferrous alloys. Generally speaking, it can be put on thicker than other PVD coatings due to its greater ductility. CrN offers increased fatigue strength for resistance to chipping and cracking, as well as corrosion and oxidation. The coating is metallic in color. Learn More


Exxtral ®/Exxtral Plus ®
EXXTRAL – is a high performance TiAlN coating with a denser coating structure specifically designed for high heat applications and dry cutting applications. The high density of Exxtral results in greater strength and reduced micro fracturing. The coating is approximately 3 microns thick and is black-violet in color. Exxtral was designed to take the heat and deliver results. Learn More


VARIANTA – uses the advanced Eifeler multi-layered technology and is an excellent coating for those applications which require good abrasion resistance and high thermal thresholds. This highly ductile coating is successful in hard to machine materials and materials with higher hardness. The coating is approximately 3 microns thick and is charcoal in color.


The next generation layered coating has all the advantages of Varianta, with the added benefit of low friction coefficients. Wet or dry, this coating will perform well on Carbide and High Speed Steel and is considered an excellent general purpose coating which can be used in a wide variety of applications. The coating is approximately 3 microns thick and is rose in color. Learn More


SISTRAL is the new benchmark for hard-, dry- and high-speed cutting applications. SISTRAL shows extremely high resistance against oxidation in combination with high thermal hardness. Learn More


Increased performance using in-situ Plasma Nitriding prior to coating, providing better coating support and enhanced corrosion resistance. Excellent in friction and forming applications.

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